Engineering service
With the expansion by state-of-the-art techonology and related equipment, TaiMoon stays at the leading position in the fields of automatic production processes and machines and meets customers' requirements regarding delivery time and quality. Through the Internet, our CAM workstations can provide all-round technology and better service.
1.Tai Moon deals not only with engineering and technical problems and conducts check-up measures but also provides qualified samples to customers, so they can check the quality and function of products.
2.Tai Moon collects and organizes data and ingormation provided by the customers.
3.Through the inter MIS system, the problems will be transmitted to the relevant department for analysis and then the results will be sent back to sales representatives, sothey can double-check with the customers.
4.All relevant information are saved in Tai Moon datavase.
5.Tai Moon information and engineering departments are in charge of the maintenavce and management of electronic data.
A QR code, two-dimensional barcode or serial number can be added according to the needs of the customers.
(1) InPlan:Customer provide impedance requirements, and the software can automatically
design the best material and the stacking of impedance requirments.
(2) InCAM :Automatic optimizayion and analysis functions with faster and more
precise editing capability that increases the speed of manufacturing CAM.
(3) LP9-HS:High-speed laser light painting system and ultra-high-speed production efficiency and seamless integration with CAM.