Tai Moon Electronics Co., Ltd. has the most ad-vanced machines, equipment and first-class professionals to spend the shortest possible time meeting customers’needs.
  • Date of establishment: April 1991
  • Date of production July 1991
  • Factory square measure:
  • Taiwan factory: Shulin headquarter 1000 ping (around 3300 square meters)
  • Shulin 1st factory: headquarter 1000 ping (around 3300 square meters)
  • Number of employee: 150(Taiwan factory)
  • Main products: double sided & multi-layer printed circuit board and AL PCB
  • Company history:
  • 1991-1996 Technology and business development period
  • 1997-2001 Management and production capacity enhancement period
  • 2002-2006 Business and profit steady growth period
  • 2007-2012 High-end & special products advanced growth period
  • 2013-2018 High precision & quantitative products rapid development period
  • Our goal: keep innovating and developing new products while improving the shortages of the existing products to strengthen the relative profits.
Business philosophy
Our business philosophy is integrity because we understand that “people ”is the Largest asset of Tai Moon, so we actively promote the concept of team progress and the implementation of cooperation between the organizations. “Technology” is our strong suit which makes us ahead of other companies in the same industry, so we cultivate research and development capabilities. We have done our business with the down-to-earth attitude and have brought a new wave to printed circuit board industry in Taiwan.
Quality is our guarantee for developing markets. We use the ISO 9001 2008 edition of the quality control specification, and to overcome the problems caused by man-made operations with the automatic solution. Self-managrment is the source of our profit, so we use the concept of manufacturing to manage.。
Business strategy
  • meticulous quality
  • punctual delivery time
  • reasonable price
  • all-round services
  • professional technical team
Management control system
  • management-target management
  • Technology-research and development
  • Morale-corporate culture
  • quality-comprehensive quality control
  • equipment-preventive maintenance